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Here at the Enjoying Urban Life website we are keen to ensure that urban renewal takes into account the environmental disaster we are all facing. Architects are adept at incorporating energy saving solutions into their designs for urban renewal projects, but nevertheless retrofitting an existing structure to increase its energy efficiency is harder than when building from scratch. One good method which fits in with the requirement of urban renewal, is the installation of solar panel arrays. A refurbishment and renewal plan is a good chance to introduce such energy saving measures. Feel free to send us an email with your questions regarding Enjoying Urban Life.

Enjoying Urban Life

Urban Living is dedicated to providing a range of care services, electronic monitoring and associated products, which assist users or providers, to deliver or personally enjoy and maintain "quality of life" at a level of their choosing.

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Our aim is constantly to improve and develop facilities, which benefit all who use them, via national or local operational centres which are accountable, reliable, flexible and professional in their dealings.

Urban renewal is the name given to the activity of redeveloping high density urban areas. There are many examples of both successful and unsuccessful urban renewal all over the United Kingdom, and either way it has always had a major impact upon local residents and urban landscapes. Urban renewal is also a method of reforming and stimulating local economies, and therefore urban renewal is thus a policy of investment and renovation, and is a key part of all local authority policies.

We want to hear your views on our sustainable lifestyles website: what's good about it, what's not so good, and how we can improve it to make it the most interesting and useful resource possible.

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Sustainable Living


 Personal domestic assistance and personal care to the elderly.
Personal domestic care to the younger disabled.
Home from hospital care, or following a period of illness Respite care for families and carers.

Shopping, hospital and doctor visits. Care for children with disabilities & learning disabilities.

Basic home maintenance & gardening.
Care packages from half a week to 24 hours a day.
Confidential incontinence assessment
24 hour Rapid Response medical alarm service (Careline).
Supervision & recording of prescribed medication.

This website has nothing to do with the old Urban Living website.

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